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besides the formatting menus, there are some shortcut secrets offered. To start keyboard shortcut help in Paper:

  • Windows: Simply Click Ctrl plus /
  • Mac: Simply click ⌘ plus /

Activities and checkboxes

You are able to develop checkboxes by typing or [ ] followed closely by an area. A checkbox will instantly be produced that one can check or keep unchecked. To use these checkboxes as tasks and designate an activity to some body, @ mention somebody for a passing fancy line. Anyone tagged will receive a message notification connecting all of them to that item.

Markdown / code formatting

Code blocks allow you to embed signal into Paper docs. To do this, press the + symbol within the sidebar and click the {} icon.

You can pick a unique programming language in formatting choices for rule obstructs. To see the formatting choices, double-click a word or click-and-drag on a word or block of text. You will notice this menu:

You can also form just one straight back tick before and after a term or block of text to recapture inline code:


Dropbox Paper supports the application of LaTeX. To trigger LaTeX editing mode, type $$ in your doctor. After that you can form full LaTeX symbols in Dropbox Paper. When you are completed typing, you'll render the code by pressing Enter or Return on your keyboard. Rendered signal will appear as you expected:


To incorporate an emoji, kind (colon) showing the available choices. From here you'll both click on the emoji you would like, or continue typing the corresponding code:

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