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A great deal of your own time at college may be invested thinking; contemplating what folks have said, everything you have read, that which you yourself are usually planning and just how your thinking changed. It's generally thought that the thinking process requires two aspects: reflective thinking and critical reasoning. They're not separate processes; instead, they are closely connected (Brookfield 1987).

Figure 1: The Thinking Process (adapted from Mezirow 1990, Schon 1987, Brookfield 1987)

Reflective thinking

Representation is:

  • a kind of personal reaction to experiences, circumstances, activities or brand new information.
  • a 'processing' period where thinking and discovering occur.

Discover neither the right nor a wrong way of reflective reasoning, you will find only questions to explore.

Figure 1 suggests that the reflective reasoning process begins to you. Before you commence to measure the terms and tips of other individuals, you will need to pause and identify and test your own thoughts.

Learning CentreCarrying this out involves revisiting your prior knowledge and familiarity with the subject you might be checking out. In addition involves considering how and exactly why you would imagine how you do. The study of your beliefs, values, attitudes and presumptions forms the foundation of one's comprehension.

Reflective thinking requires that you recognise that you bring valuable knowledge to each and every experience. It will help you therefore to discover and simplify the significant contacts between that which you know and what you are mastering. It's a way of assisting you to become an active, mindful and important learner.

Reflective writing is:

  • your a reaction to experiences, opinions, occasions or brand-new information
  • your reaction to ideas and emotions
  • a means of thinking to explore your discovering
  • an opportunity to gain self-knowledge
  • an approach to attain clarity and much better comprehension of what you are actually discovering
  • an opportunity to develop and strengthen writing skills
  • a way of making indicating away from everything you study

Reflective writing isn't:

  • just conveying information, instruction or debate
  • pure information, though there might be descriptive elements
  • simple choice or judgement (example. about whether something is right or incorrect, good or bad)
  • easy problem-solving
  • a listing of program notes

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