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Sample task

SuperCorp recently moved its headquarters to Corporateville. The recent rise within the quantity of home owners in Corporateville prove that Corporateville is a superior spot to live then Middlesburg, home of SuperCorp’s current head office. More over, Middleburg is a predominately urban location and according to a worker survey, SuperCorp features determined that its workers like to reside in a location that's not urban. Eventually, Corporateville features lower fees than Middlesburg, which makes it not only a safer location to work but additionally a less expensive one. Consequently, Supercorp obviously made top decision.

“Write an answer in which you examine the reported and/or unstated assumptions regarding the debate. Be sure to explain the way the debate depends on the presumptions and just what the ramifications are in the event that presumptions prove unwarranted.” – ETS

Step One – Assaulting the Assumptions

Don't trust any area of the argument. Instead, show that debate is making a number of unwarranted assumptions by showcasing each one of these. Obviously, you don't only like to cite something incorrect with the argument, you wish to discuss additionally how the argument are enhanced.

The initial step of course is to record the presumptions (you can consider this as the brainstorming part). This is vital – do not simply hurry into the essay. Planning before you decide to write will, in the end, help save you time.

On this page we'll only be worried about the brainstorming component. The follow-up post need a sample essay, accompanied by a score and comments, including how-to improve the article.

Assumption number 1

The argument assumes that the increase in residents is directly correlated with improved lifestyle, or, as debate says, “a superior place to stay.” Housing could simply be cheaper, causing an influx of people. That is the boost of population doesn't mean that everybody desires to are now living in Corporateville since it is such an excellent place.

Assumption #2

Regardless if everybody would like to proceed to Corporateville because it is an exceptional spot to stay, that doesn’t mean something “superior” for residents is “superior” for a firm. Keep in mind working and residing are a couple of different things.

Assumption # 3

We don't know anything towards review. Can it be truly indicative of just how employees feel? Perhaps the study just asked upper administration. Perhaps only the manufacturing department ended up being questioned. Essentially, there is no way for people to know perhaps the sample had been representative. Anyhow, the review – regardless if it's representative – unearthed that Supercorp’s workers preferred to call home, not to work, in areas that aren't urban.

Assumption #4

There is nothing within the argument that states that Corporateville is not metropolitan. Perhaps Corporateville can be notably urban. We don't know. And be cautious not to ever believe that people usually leave cities for suburbs. Never ever deliver your very own preconceived notions to the debate.

Assumption no. 5

Towards end, the debate mentions that Corporateville is less dangerous. Inside same phrase, you'll also discover reference to reduced fees. If the argument is setting-out to prove that Corporateville is an exceptional place to work than Middlesburg, it offers become more particular how reduced fees will improve top-notch place of work.

Assumption no. 6

The argument finishes by saying that Supercorp plainly made suitable choice. Whether or not Corporateville is a much better place for Supercorp, to state that the business made “the best decision” is extending it. Perhaps Supercorp might have moved to another town, one better yet suited to its requirements.


The goal of the brainstorming program isn't to observe how many presumptions you can find. Alternatively, you intend to select few that you believe most useful invalidate the argument. See AWA Argument: Sample Essay description to observe how to format your paragraphs after brainstorming.

We extremely encourage students to help one another out and respond to other pupils' reviews if you're able to!

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