Types of essays in ielts

Types of essays in IELTS

question-mark by Horia Varlan via Flickr (imaginative commons)Here you will find the different types of concerns:

1. Consent or Disagree

Ex. Some individuals believe that experts trying out creatures in a laboratory may be the only way we could guarantee new items will likely be safe for peoples usage. From what degree can you concur or disagree with this particular viewpoint?

2. Advantages/Benefits outweigh Disadvantages/Drawbacks

Ex. In some nations, governing bodies tend to be encouraging sectors and businesses to go to regional places outside of the huge cities. Do the features of this trend exceed the drawbacks?

3. Discuss two views along with your opinion

Ex. Some individuals say children no longer want to develop handwriting skills. Other people genuinely believe that handwriting is still essential. Discuss both these views and give your viewpoint.

4. Discuss two views just (no viewpoint)

Ex. Many individuals believe a powerful trains and buses system is a key component of a contemporary city. Talk about the benefits and drawbacks of public transport.

5. Causes/Problem and Solution

Ex. Criminal activity prices are usually greater in towns compared to smaller cities. Explain some feasible reasons for this dilemma and advise some solutions.

6. Two concerns/ two-part questions

Ex. For some individuals studying yesteryear features little worth when you look at the modern world. Why do you imagine it is essential to do this? What's going to become result if young ones are not taught history?

7. Opinion

Ex. Research indicates that the faculties our company is produced with have more influence on our personality and development than many other experiences we possibly may have in life. Which do you give consideration to become the most important impact?

Whatever they're asking to create about, they could all be answered with two primary body paragraphs (plus introduction and conclusion paragraphs). Undergo each concern and brainstorm you ideas and discover the manner in which you would divide and arrange your response.

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