How to write essay in english

How to write an essay in IELTS?

essay-structureThis session explains a simple way to design IELTS essays. Below we reveal a simple method I use myself and show my students in class.

Study and comprehend the concern

One secret to its understand the concern and also to be clear in what you want to say inside reaction. Clear reasoning causes obvious writing.As ever, the initial step would be to review and comprehend the question. Here is the concern today:

Despite advances in medication you will find problems that particular conditions such as diabetic issues tend to be increasing plus some men and women believe future generations will face greater issues with health and perish more youthful than we do today.

Something your opinion?

This question requires one to:

  1. give your viewpoint – this must certanly be obvious within the introduction and also the summary
  2. about whether health will be better in future – which means you need to mention tomorrow and today – there should be some comparison
  3. about whether individuals will live longer – this has to be pointed out to

All of these things needs to be included.

Think about the examiner – make your opinion and construction clear – offer your article a backbone

IELTS essays get marked quickly. You don’t need permit the examiner to make a mistake. So make life possible for him/her by showing the structure of the essay because obviously that you can. You will find 4/5 places you will do this – what I think about to be the back for the essay. (your spine is your backbone – it is just what keeps you upright and gives you your framework).

  1. the introduction – that is the very first thing they read and for which you make your first impression and first impressions count
  2. the initial sentence of every section (x2) – examiners tend to be taught that all paragraph should have one main concept – suggest to them what it's in the first phrase
  3. the final outcome – that’s the last thing they read and also the very first thing they remember!

The main element is website link these things together to ensure that

  • the introduction suits the final outcome – the opinion/point of view is the identical: you merely want to change the language
  • the 2 human body paragraphs connect to the opinion/point view inside introduction

To work on this test this easy article framework program. It would likely just look like four to five containers on a blank piece of paper, but it might save your valuable life!

Think demonstrably about your opinion/point of view

You want your standpoint to be obvious. My basic rule is that in the event that you can’t state in 2 sentences, it is too complex. So area of the planning procedure may be deleting ideas that are too complex or you can’t show plainly in English.

See my example

I’m planning aim for a balanced type article with a disagreement it health insurance and longevity (residing for quite some time) gets even worse within the western but better in developing countries. Before I begin writing we be sure I am able to state this simply

I do believe health gets even worse within the western but much better in building countries and this will affect just how long people reside.

Build the spine of one's article – see my example

All you have to do now could be build the spine regarding the article: the intro, very first phrases and conclusion. I really do do this utilizing my article structure prepare above. We ended up with this. Take a look at it. See

  • how easy it really is – that’s good, you are doing want an easy structure
  • just how things repeat – that’s great also
  • I crossed-out my concept about tension and mental health. It’s recommended, but will make the article also complex

Now get the terms

This training wouldn’t be total easily performedn’t explain to you the “end-product”. Your plan is only good if it will help you compose really. Take a look at my viewpoints (in purple) as well as the balance between building nations (in green) together with industrialised nations (in blue).


There's absolutely no question that medication has actually progressed considerably over the past century, but it doesn't mean that most our medical problems being solved. Without a doubt, my belief is that the average-life period in the Western world could possibly fall in the 21st century. This is contrary to the problem in building nations in which we anticipate wellness provision to enhance and longevity to boost.

Paragraph 1

Precisely why health may become worse when you look at the industrialised nations of West pertains to contemporary lifestyles here.

Paragraph 2

The situation within the building globe is, but quite different and all around health will probably enhance.


My conclusion is therefore a blended one. Even though it is correct that people may face better problems with their own health as time goes on, this just relates to industrialised countries and not to your establishing world where endurance may boost.

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