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All of that writing therefore don’t have actually a single grade? This discussion came up in faculty meal area the other day. Should we be grading pupil blogs? It seems silly to have pupils invest plenty time on writing, then perhaps not level it. But after much consideration, I discovered it all goes back towards purpose. May be the reason for running a blog to possess students react to prompts is an organized, standard fashion? Or is your purpose allowing pupils to explore writing, learn to manage review, and develop as an internet factor? If it's the previous, after that get-out your red pen. But as somebody who falls into the second group, i'd like to explain the reason why I opted never to grade my pupils’ blog sites.

For me running a blog is about student engagement, intrinsic motivation, and also the writing process. I want my pupils to put forth their finest work, but In addition would like them to savor composing minus the anxiety of a grade. How to ask the pupils to take chances also to not be afraid of failure, whenever I are holding a red pen? Posting blogs should foster intrinsic motivation. Make it imaginative, make it challenging, but most significantly, ensure it is something which the pupils wish to complete.

Check out fun methods to use blogs in classroom that foster student inspiration.

  • Pupil option with writing topics
  • Diary Entries
  • Experts Corner (have actually students critique recently circulated flicks, toys, internet sites, etc
  • Finish the story encourages (ex: we heard a noisy crash. Once I turned around…)
  • Weekly Blogging Challenges
  • Per week in review post

Another reason why we decided on not to grade my students’ blog sites is simply because blogging supports the writing process. It’s towards journey, not the destination. Through blogging, my students have grown to be better writers because out of the blue they care more about modification. They take the time to read and reread their work simply because they desire to post their particular finest item. In course, I’ve watched my hesitant copywriter work hard on his posts. He revises exactly what happens to be written, has another pupil help check his work, after which does a fist pump when he gets above five feedback. There’s no grade on the planet that would come near equaling the worthiness of his learning. He learned that his perseverance pays off, he discovered what success feels like, in which he learned that he can be a good writer. No grade essential.

If you like your students to train composing, test out brand-new a few ideas, and to be inventive with what they share… don’t level their particular blogs. Rather, give them an area to task risks. Help them discover ways to deal with review and grow from it. Demonstrate to them that writing is private and enjoyable. Overall, just put-down the purple pen and revel in your pupils’ blogging journey.


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