Here is a great model for your

Paragraph outline format

Outlines are a good way to organize information and create a hierarchical construction to your notes. You are able to collapse and expand around five amounts of content in an overview so you can see the big photo at a glance.

Initial section you kind is formatted as amount hands down the outline.

To help make the second part a subparagraph (amount 2) associated with the first, click Boost Indent Position.

From the indented range, kind the second paragraph, then push Enter.

As you type each extra section below the after that, boost or reduce steadily the indentation position to either raise or reduced the hierarchy of a particular paragraph.

Note: Each new section you develop immediately continues at exact same amount once the past paragraph if you don't increase or decrease its indentation.

Collapse an overview

Among great things about structuring records in a plan structure is that you can cover sublevels.

  1. Move the mouse pointer to a Level 1 part, after which double-click the little gripper symbol.

You'll increase a plan exactly the same way. Double-click the tiny gripper symbol again.


  • For almost any part with subheadings, it is possible to select how many amounts you intend to display. Just right-click the gripper icon, mouse click Select, and choose an even.
  • If you often place the same particular information at the same amount within outlined records, you can pick all text at that level. Right-click the gripper icon, click choose, after which mouse click choose All at Level 1, Select each at Level 2, or whatever level you desire.

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