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Some Topics for essay writing

The very first rule of IELTS essays will be answer comprehensively the question. One problem in performing that's there are different sorts of IELTS article concerns all of which poses unique dilemmas. In this post, We chat you through three main kinds of article questions and explain to you how-to identify all of them and just what problems they pose.

We highly declare that you practise composing essays on each kind of concern before you decide to reach the exam. You will find a selection of essay questions organised by concern type back at my sample article concern page.

1. The discussion

Here you might be given a personal issue or issue and requested right to discuss it and very often requested to advise a remedy for this.

Two examples

Within form of question you're given the problem (in purple) then informed just how to discuss it/your task (in blue).

In lots of nations schools have actually serious issues with student behaviour. Just what you think would be the reasons for this? What solutions is it possible to recommend?


Many universities charge greater fees for international students. How come they do this? Would you genuinely believe that its fair?

Typical task words

  • “Why do they believe that?”
  • “exactly what solutions can you recommend?”

Typical problems

There are 2 typical difficulties with understanding this kind of article question.

  1. You're being requested your private opinion: it is really not adequate to talk typically in regards to the topic. You must offer your own personal view.
  2. Frequently you given two jobs: for example, to talk about the complexities as well as the answer. If you discuss only one of these, you'll be penalised on Task Achievement.
  3. Issue doesn't present a great deal help with a few ideas: you may need to save money time preparation and thinking of some ideas

2. The proposal

Right here you may be offered an opinion about some social problem to go over. Usually, you will be asked whether or even to what level you agree with it.

Within style of question you will be provided a viewpoint (in purple) and told how exactly to discuss it/your task (in blue). Often issue is much longer and you are clearly provided some background information (in green), then your opinion then the task.

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