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Im writing a paper in English for an English-speaking market. However, I also talk French, and I also read articles in French that I want to cite in my report. I translated a quotation from article from French into English. How do I format my translation for the quotation? Do I use quote marks around it? Do i must utilize the words “my interpretation” in there somewhere? Please help.


Translated Terry


Dear Translated Terry,

Your conundrum is a type of one out of this multilingual world. Thank goodness, the answer is fairly easy: If you translated a passage in one language into another it's considered a paraphrase, not a primary quote. Therefore, to mention your converted product, everything you need to do is are the author and date associated with material in in-text citation. We recommend (but don't need) that you have the page number within the citation, because this can help any visitors that do talk French to get the translated passage when you look at the original. You must not use quote markings across the product you translated, and also you do not need to make use of the words “my translation” or such a thing like that. Let me reveal an illustration:

Initial French passage:
“Les femmes dans des activités masculines adoptaient des stéréotypes masculins” (Doutre, 2014, p. 332).

Translated quotation that starred in the report:
Females employed in masculine fields followed masculine stereotypes (Doutre, 2014, p. 332).

Into the guide listing, offer the citation for the work in its initial language. Provide an English interpretation regarding the name associated with the operate in square brackets following the foreign-language title, without italics.

Reference list entry:

Doutre, É. (2014). Mixité de category et de métiers: Conséquences identitaires et relations de travail [Mixture of gender and investments: Consequences for identification and dealing relationships]. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement, 46, 327–336.

Exactly why is the Interpretation Considered a Paraphrase?

You may question the reason why your translation is considered a paraphrase as opposed to a direct quotation. That’s because interpretation is actually an art form and a science—languages don't have perfect correspondences in which every word and expression fits up with a foreign equivalent, though of course some instances come closer than others. Even in the example passageway above I considered how-to convert “Les femmes dans des activités masculines”—taken word-for-word i would wrote “Women in masculine tasks, ” but I thought “Women in masculine industries” better conveyed the actual definition, which pertains to women employed in male-dominated professions.

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