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Rachel Kapelke-Dalewithin the last few post, we took a glance at a sample TOEFL article in line with the independent task prompt:

  • Can you agree or disagree aided by the following declaration?
    Modern life is a lot easier than life previously.
    Make use of specific details and instances to guide your answer.

Today, let’s dissect this essay. Specifically, we’ll be examining exactly what the author did really and points upon which the author could have improved. For quick guide, here’s the essay once more:

Sample Essay

I positively agree that modern-day life now is easier than life before. The increased using technology, rising requirements of living, and improved medical have combined to make our lifestyles, at the least in the 1st globe, luxurious when compared with lifestyles of the past. By examining three certain examples—personal computers, The Lion in Winter, and vaccines—this article will show that this improvement has, indeed, happened.

To start with, technological advances have produced brand-new ways to look after mundane jobs efficiently. For instance, many Us americans have their particular personal computers. This is certainly an incredible advance: with computer systems, we can complete tasks, from banking to ordering food, that could took hours even various years ago. Term processing is common, making the spread of data easier to quickly attain, and education is available to all the 100% free through internet based courses and information that could being all but unattainable for many up until the end of the twentieth century. The sheer level of access that we need to solutions and understanding through these devices has made life extraordinarily simpler.

Secondly, our standard of life changed through improvements in engineering, design, travel, and even fabrics. Considering a movie just like the Lion in Winter, while in no way typically perfect, does show exactly how also daily things were more challenging almost a lot of years back. Set in the 1100s, the film reveals King Henry II being forced to break ice from his liquid bowl getting liquid to wash his face—something that hot and cool working taps have traditionally since saved us from. The queen needs to travel to see her spouse by a lengthy motorboat trip, which would be practically impossible these days. Finally, the complete royal household, even though they truly are royal, is wrapped in encumbering furs. Examining the thing that was when the greatest quality lifestyle, set alongside the average very first globe standard of living today, we can observe easier development makes our lives.

Eventually, we no more live-in concern about many typical diseases that once crippled or maimed large populations, making their everyday lives more difficult. For example, polio used to strike many people, oftentimes making it difficult for them to walk, such Franklin D. Roosevelt, which utilized a wheelchair. The invention of this vaccine in 1950s, also many various other vaccines, has created a scenario for which we not any longer need experience needlessly. This is certainly most certainly an improvement in the last.

In summary, life these days is definitely much easier than life previously. Though it is possible to read stories of nobles and leaders of record and romanticize all of them, their particular everyday lives were almost certainly more uncomfortable than our lives tend to be. Nevertheless, there are numerous places in the world where laptops, contemporary conveniences, and vaccines are seldom found; I hope that existing generations will be able to work collectively to help make life much easier for everybody, since you can easily achieve this.

Essay Assessment

Now, let’s proceed through a few important things. First of all, understand that the TOEFL essay is scored holistically, and therefore you don’t get a specific amount of things off your rating (or added on) for the absence or presence of different products. Instead, the scorers level it against a rubric, witnessing which things from the rubric most readily useful explain your article.

First, a thesis statement: we would like this become immediate and direct. By instant, after all that it should appear within the first few sentences of one's essay. Here, mcdougal does this: right away, she writes “I definitely concur that contemporary life now is easier than life before.” Keep in mind, we don’t have to be very nuanced about any of it. Certain, you can believe it’s easier in certain methods and more difficult in others—but you’ll have actually a less strenuous time simply taking one position and sticking to it, as you don’t have a lot of time to compose this article! It might be a prettier essay if this writer eased into the subject by giving an example or a quote to begin with, but this works pretty much into the introduction.

Leading us to another point…an introduction and a summary. This writer has actually all of them! They’re pretty brief—given more time, it would be good having an instant recap of the things she’s made here, but they do exist. This makes the dwelling more straightforward to realize helping the scorers to see straight away that you comprehended the job and also have dealt with it, totally and entirely.

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