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Good opening sentences for essays

This is the 5th section of our series on finding your way through the SAT essay. All of these articles tend to be excerpts from the curriculum for WriteAtHome’s new and popular SAT Essay Prep training course.


Maybe you’ve heard the example before: an essay is like a sandwich. The introductory and concluding paragraphs will be the bread, top and bottom, plus encouraging paragraphs would be the animal meat (mozzarella cheese, lettuce, pickles, etc.) between.

The Sandwich construction

Many people object to the sandwich-essay concept. They fear it's going to produce bland, foreseeable essays. These experts have a point, and there's undoubtedly that writing purely relating to predetermined themes can limit creativity. Nevertheless the SAT makes it understood that they are searching for obvious, intentional business within the article. We therefore think it’s also dangerous, inside framework, to try out type. Experiment with framework somewhere else. For this article, stay with the tried and tested.

In the next three components of this show, we’ll take each part individually.

The Introduction

An excellent introduction grabs the reader’s attention and things him into the way the article is certainly going. Your ultimate goal would be to get his interest through the very first phrase. Here are a three practical strategies for making a big splash inside introduction.

1Keep it short and easy. 2 or 3 phrases is all you need. Actually, one excellent phrase would do fine. Resist any urge to get elaborate and detail by detail within introduction. You may be also more likely to use up the time you’ll importance of writing the human body of report.

Don’t include too much in your introduction often. Don’t start promoting your idea. Save that when it comes to human body of report. All that very first section has to do is present the thesis.

2Place your thesis at the conclusion of the introduction. One part of your introduction must certanly be your thesis. Because of the end regarding the very first section, your audience ought to know where in actuality the report goes and just what place you will be protecting. But that does not mean you need to lead off along with your viewpoint declaration. Generally, it's always best to start with a broad statement that introduces the topic matter-of the paper and also to keep your thesis till the past sentence.

Think about a channel. Catch your reader together with your orifice sentences, and draw all of them down to the thin opening at the bottom. When you look at the next instances, the thesis is underlined. Observe the way the 2nd part develops desire for the thesis prior to it being introduced.

Adequate: Our community idealizes childhood due to the purity that kids possess. Various other faculties of children like joy and an eagerness to understand are important but don't match up against innocence.

Better: Our tradition features an idealized idea of youth as expressed inside our well-known art and activity. Kids portrayed by Americana artist Norman Rockwell, for instance, evoke in grownups a longing for easier times. Of the many qualities we admire in children—joy, question, and efficiency, like, nothing is because attractive as child-like purity.

3Start powerful, but don’t get also precious. Spend some time using opening line. Grab your readers’ attention using first words. You want them thinking, “This report is a 6” from the very first phrase.

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