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Academic writing argumentative essay Sample

Try out this opinion essay concern about the cost of room exploration. It’s far better state an obvious viewpoint for or against in your introduction.

Area exploration is significantly too expensive and also the cash is used on much more considerations.

Something your opinion?

IELTS Composing Task 2 Model Answer

Discover a disagreement that exploring area is a waste of money and that there are many immediate needs to be dealt with on earth, such as for example decreasing poverty and preventing environmental destruction. However, I completely disagree with this viewpoint for just two reasons.

First, many of the technologies we take for granted these days were originated through area research. Simply take satellite technology, for instance, which we depend on for broadcasting and weather forecasting. Without satellites, we might not be in a position to follow international activities because they happen, nor give communities any caution of approaching storms. Area research has additionally resulted in the introduction of brand-new lightweight products offering us warm protection and enable meals preservation. For that reason, the process of delivering human beings into room features frequently driven the development of brand-new technologies that benefit our day to day resides.

Second, we can not anticipate the remote future, so we need to develop the ability to escape from our planet. Slowly, we have been learning just how humans might survive for very long times in area plus visit various other planets in the foreseeable future. If room exploration is stopped, this valuable understanding won't ever be acquired. It is a fact that ecological destruction can also be a significant issue, but it is additionally true that we remain determined by types if we never accept the challenge of checking out other worlds.

In closing, while we certainly face really serious issues on our personal earth, it really is crucial we continue steadily to explore area. This can promote additional technological advances also offer a possible ways escape should earth come to be uninhabitable in the future. Preferably, all nations should work within the development of space study.

(278 words, IELTS 8.5)

Why does this Task 2 solution get an IELTS Band 8 rating?

Task reaction: The introduction successfully paraphrases the question and presents a definite viewpoint. The writer’s opinion is supported within the body of article. Concrete examples are given. The final outcome restates the writer’s viewpoint and ends with a recommendation.

Coherence and cohesion: The model answer is divided into obvious sentences and each human body paragraph includes one primary concept. You will find cohesive links between all sentences and between many phrases.

Lexical resource: the important thing concept of room research is paraphrased many times. There are numerous terms feature of academic writing eg originated, imperative, and anticipate. Language can be used with a powerful understanding of collocation: take for granted, develop the ability, accept the process.

Grammatical range and reliability: The design response is free of grammatical mistakes. A good balance of simple and easy complex phrases is employed to develop an argument. Verb tenses differ, also grammatical devices eg conditionals and modals are employed with a high accuracy.

Teacher’s Notes

IELTS Teacher This IELTS composing task merely requires one to offer your viewpoint, which is apparently a rather available question. As you have only 40 minutes to publish your viewpoint article, it is advisable to state an obvious viewpoint in the first paragraph and adhere to it, without you will need to provide an even more complex or nuanced response. Use each human body paragraph to incorporate supporting points and restate your viewpoint inside final paragraph to give you a satisfying summary.

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